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Hwadab: New Paintings by Seong-Eun KimAS | MAG, December

New York City's Non-Profit Art Spaces: A New Common GroundAS | MAG, November

Treasured Erosion: The Art of Chae RimAS | MAG, November

Nola Zirin: Orbs and AnglesWhitehot Magazine, September

Avedon's America, Whitehot Magazine, September

Solar Eclipse Photographs at The MetAS | MAG, August

Mystical Symbolism at The GuggenheimAS | MAG, July

Foofaraw & SpleenWhitehot Magazine, June

Egon Zippel: The DavandaliserWhitehot Magazine, May

The Insiders Are HereAS | MAG, May

Farewell to EuropeAS | MAG, April

General Heartbreak: An Interview with Ashley ThompsonAS | MAG, April

Hovering Above: Marisa MerzAS | MAG, March

Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952-1965AS | MAG, February

Art TodayTransBorder ArtEpisode #14, Participants: Jill Conner, Nathalie Angles, Cordy Ryman, Omar Lope Chahoud and Loren Munk, February


Max Beckmann, John Ashbery: A Look Back on Boston and New YorkWhitehot Magazine, October

The Paintings of Ejay WeissNational September 11 Memorial Museum, September

Art in the Twenty-First Century: An Interview with Tina KukielskiWhitehot Magazine, September

Bruce Conner, Whitehot Magazine, July

Serena Bocchino, On-Verge, January


Color in America, On-Verge, November

Cordy RymanWhitehot Magazine, June


Manon Harrois, by Michel Nuridsany, translated from French to English, December

Derek WeisbergWhitehot Magazine, May


Richard Pitts, New York, December

LaThoriel Badenhausen, Plattsburgh, December

Pasquale Cuppari, Aqua Art Miami, December

Fernand Léger, Whitehot Magazine, November

FAPE honors Joel Shapiro, Whitehot Magazine, November

Collective Action Archive, Afterimage, November - December

The Beckmann Effect, The Neue Galerie, October

Mike Brodie, Afterimage, September

Gutai, Artcollector, Spring

Dan Flavin and Donald Judd at David Zwirner Gallery, AICA-USA, February

FAPE's Lee Kimche McGrath Original Print Collection, Artsia, February

Musings on Figuration and Violence at Marlborough Gallery, On-Verge, February

The Accidental Abstract Expressionist, On-Verge, January

The Beat of Max Beckmann, On-Verge, January

Chasing Time: Art History and Criticism in Late Modern and Contemporary Art, On-Verge, January

Jean -Michel Othoniel, Whitehot January


Man Hands in Miami, On-Verge, December

Carrie Mae Weems, Afterimage, November/December

We the People, Artsia, October

Kutlug Ataman, Whitehot Magazine, October

A Visual Essay on Gutai, NY Arts, October

Andrea Zittel, Whitehot Magazine, October

Anne Ferrer, Sculpture, October

FAPE at the USUN in New York, Sculpture, September

Robert Delpire, Afterimage, September

Ari Marcopoulos, Whitehot Magazine, August

Rudolph Serra Studio Visit, Whitehot Magazine, August

Nothing Like I Planned, NYArts, July

Interview with John Mellencamp, Whitehot Magazine, June

Loris Gréaud, ArtSlant, May

Greenpoint and Its Necessary Utopias, RIPP Magazine, May

Vicki DaSilva: Mapping with Light, RIPP Magazine, May

Interview with Deborah Lutz, RIPP Magazine, May

Paul Duncan: Artist, RIPP Magazine, May

Nigel Cooke Confronts Painted Reality, Interview Magazine, April

Tumbling for You: an Interview with Julie Tremblay, On-Verge, April

An Interview with Forrest Myers, Whitehot Magazine, March

Around the Clock with Rachel Perry, On-Verge, February

Cindy Sherman, On-Verge, February

David La Chapelle, On-Verge, February

Alchemy of Beauty by Bob Recine, January

Looking Back at Fall 2011, Whitehot Magazine, January

Uneven Terrain: A Conversation with Blane De St. Croix, Sculpture (cover story), December

Patrick Carious vs. Richard Prince: Problems with Appropriation, Afterimage, November/December

Book Review, Whitehot Magazine, October

6 mentions in Aesthetics of Atrocity: Special Issue, Afterimage, July/August

William Powhida Announces New Project, Sponsors, Art in America, July

Nir Hod, Whitehot Magazine, July

Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies, Whitehot Magazine, July

Linda Stein, Sculpture, May

Japan's New Breed: Bye Bye Kitty, Art in America, March

Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire, Whitehot Magazine, February

What Eclipse? A Response to Ben Davis, Whitehot Magazine, January

Reuben Kadish: the Anti-Hero of American Modernism, Brooklyn Rail, December/January  

Pratt Sculpture Garden, Sculpture, December

Book review of Mixed Use, Manhattan: Photography and Related Practices, 1970s to the Present, Afterimage, December/January

Book review of The Disabled Body in Contemporary Art, by Ann Millet-Gallant, Afterimage, November/December

Brion Gysin, Afterimage, November/December

Six Degrees of Separation, Whitehot Magazine, November

Brent Green, ArtUS, Fall

Julie Mehretu, ArtUS, Fall

Sterling Ruby, ArtUS Fall

John Wesley, ArtUS Fall

Max’s Kansas City at the Steven Kasher Gallery and Artists at Max’s Kansas City, 1965-1974: Hetero-holics and Some Women Too at the Loretta Howard Galery, 
Whitehot Magazine, November

Roxy Paine, Interview online, November

Cordy Ryman, Art in America, October

Pipilotti Rist, Interview online, September

Seventh Kingdom by China Blue, Art Papers, September/October

Moveable Aura: The Blurred Realities of Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Performance Art Journal, Fall

Haiti: 12 January 2010 by Ron Haviv, Afterimage, July/August (Magazine cover image)

Périphéries by Mohammed Bourouissa, The New York Photo Review, June

SWELL at Nyehaus Gallery, Metro Pictures Gallery and Friedrich Petzel Gallery, Art in America, June

Todd Levin, Whitehot Magazine, June

Top Ten Book Reviews, Whitehot Magazine, May

2010 Whitney Biennial, Whitehot Magazine, April

Iannis Xennakis: Composer, Architect, Visionary, Art Papers Magazine, March/April

James Ensor, ArtUS, Spring

Wassily Kandinsky, ArtUS, Spring

Richard Bell, Whitehot Magazine, March

Michael Halsband, Whitehot Magazine, February

Eric Fischl, Whitehot Magazine, January.


Spite House , Whitehot Magazine, December

Facebook, the Image and the Virtual Cedar Bar, Afterimage, September/October issue

Preview of Tim Burton at MoMA, Whitehot Magazine, September

Interview with Hans Op de Beeck, Whitehot Magazine, September

Permanent State of Emergency at Eyebeam, Afterimage, July/August

The Pictures Generation, 1974-1984,  Afterimage, July/August

Charles Juhasz-Alvarado, Sculpture, June

Ad Reinhardt:  In the Minds of Me, ArtUS, Spring

Ed Shalala, ArtUS, Spring

Interview with Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Whitehot Magazine, May

Sites at the Whitney Museum, Whitehot Magazine, March

Teun Hocks, Whitehot Magazine,  January


The Art of Failure:  Chuck Connelly Not for Sale, ArtUS, Fall

A Critique of America’s Electoral Image:  Photographs and Performances by Evil Knievel, Afterimage September/October

Making it Together curated by Carey Lovelace,  ArtUS,  Spring

Louis Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine, ArtUS, Spring

Freeze Frame at Thrust Projects, ArtUS, Spring

Bill Wood’s Business, Afterimage July/August

Photography on Photography, Afterimage, May/June

On the Edge by Robert Adams in Paris, Afterimage, Afterimage, March/April

James O. Clark, Sculpture, May

News from New York, Contemporary Magazine, March

Les Saltimbanques by Folkert de Jong, ArtUS, Winter

Alexanderplatz by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, ArtUS, Winter

Book review of  Never Coming Home by Andrew Lichtenstein, Bomb after Bomb by elin O’Hara slavick and Judge by Vincent Katz and Wayne Gonzales, Afterimage, January/February


Past Revisited: The Life and Art of Reuben Kadish (1913-1992), Sculptural Pursuit, Winter

On Edge:  The Collection of Scott and Kelly Miller, Sculpture, November

Home by Assaf Shoshan in Paris, Afterimage, September/ October

24 Summers at Barton Springs Pool by Will van Overbeek, Afterimage, September/ October

Lorna Simpson, Afterimage, May/June

Colette, the Artist, ArtUS, Summer

Jane South,  Sculpture, July/August

Holocaust Sculpture by Reuben Kadish, Brooklyn Rail, June

Carol Samuelson and China Blue, Brooklyn Rail, June

Sleepwalkers by Doug Aitken, ArtUS, May/June

Frustrum by Gary Hill in Paris, Modern Painters, March

A Gathering, 1980-2005 by Kiki Smith, ArtUS, March/April

Paris: Round-up, Afterimage, January/February

Annie Leibovitz, ArtUS, January


Book review of Hollis Frampton (nostalgia) by Rachel Moore, Afterimage, November/December

After the Reality curated by Hiromi Yoshii at Deitch Projects, ArtUS, October/November

Nancy Rubins, Brooklyn Rail, December

Anime and Role Play: Bubble Gum Crisis, Whitewall, Fall

Milan Klic, Sculpture, December

Archaeology of New York ,  Art in Culture (Korea), May

The Culture of Queer:  A Tribute to J.B. Harter, Brooklyn Rail, June

The Culture of Queer:  A Tribute to J.B. Harter, ArtUS, Fall

Tied Together, Whitewall, Summer

Fluxus:  To George With Love, Brooklyn Rail, April

Andrea Zittel: Wagon Stations and Critical Space, NYArts July/August

Constructing Realities at the PaceWildenstein Gallery,  Zing, July

Yuki Nakamura, Sculpture, July/August

Andy Warhol Screen Tests:  The Films of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Afterimage, May/June

Mining the Beautiful, Afterimage, May/June

Cornelia Parker, Sculpture, March

Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation, Performance Art Journal, Winter


The Matter of Time by Richard Serra at the Guggenheim-Bilbao, Sculpture, November

Interview with Richard Serra, Sculptural Pursuit, Fall/Winter

Richard Serra, NY Arts, September/October

Gretchen Bennett, Artweek, September

Itty Neuhaus, Sculpture, October

On the Subject of War, Contemporary, Issue 75

Dominick Lombardi, NY Arts, July/August

Larry Clark,  Afterimage, May/June

Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation,  NYArts, May/June

Cris Gianakos,  Sculpture, July/August

Rita McBride, Sculpture, May

Boris Mikhailov,  Afterimage, March/April

China Blue, Artcritical, March

Presence of Light, Sculpture-online, March

Eve Ingalls, Sculpture; March

Niki Ketchman, Sculpture; January/February

Anita Galesta   Sculpture; January/February


The Very Rich Hours, Contemporary, July  

Andreas Gursky, Flash Art, July - September

FIAC and MAAG,  Sculpture, June

James Barsness, Contemporary, May

War in Iraq:  The Coordinates of Conflict, Afterimage, May/June

Pepon Osorio, Sculpture-online, May

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Artcritical, May

Kim Jones, Contemporary, April  

Kojo Griffin, Contemporary, May   

Jennifer Flay,  Flash Art, March/April

Big Cat and The Phatory galleries, Brooklyn Rail, March/April

Helga von Eicken Kopperl,  Sculpture, April

Max Beckmann,Sculpture, April

John Waters, Contemporary, March

Loretta Lux and  “Seventies Color Photography”, Afterimage, March/April

Creighton Michael,  Artcritical, January

Nils Grossien, Glass Quarterly, Spring

Jeff Koons, Contemporary, February

Su-En Wong, NYArts, January/February

Manuel Pardo, Brooklyn Rail, December/January


Jennifer Reeves, Contemporary, November

Fast and Furious at FIAC, Artnet, November

FIAC  and “A Transatlantic Avant-Garde”, Afterimage, November/December

Ben Parry, Brooklyn Rail,  October/November

George Segal, Sculpture, December

Cornelia Parker, Contemporary, September  

Jaq Chartier, Contemporary, July/August  

The American Effect, Brooklyn Rail, August/September

Custom Fit, Contemporary, June

A Time to Rebuild, Daniel Liebeskind in Exhibition, NYArts, July/August

Water, Water,  Artnet, July

Max Beckmann, NY Arts, June

Golden Clay, Artnet, April

Diane Edison,  Artnet, February

Hannelore Baron, NYArts, February

Saul Chernick, NYArts, January


Roni Horn,  NYArts, December

Uta Barth, NYArts, December

Matt Marello, Artnet, October

Andrea Claire, Contemporary Magazine, November

Daniel Root, Donna Edelbaum, Jim Pavlicovic, Laura Paddock, Ken Leeds and Rokhshad Nourde , Contemporary Magazine, October

Infotecture,   NY Arts, October

Anita Thacher, Sculpture, October

Robert Therrien, Sculpture, October

Huang Yong Ping,  Sculpture, September

(Para)Normality and Everyday Life,  Artnet, August

French/Brooklyn art exchange,  NY Arts, July/August

Roni Horn, NY Arts, May

Marlene Dumas, NY Arts, April

João Onofre, Art Papers, March/April

Gretchen Bennett and Suzanne Walters, NY Arts, February


Jaqueline Fraser,  NY Arts, December

Christian French,  Art Papers, November/December

Jenny Heishman,  Sculpture, December

Book Review of Representation and Photography: A Screen Education Reader, Afterimage, September/October

George Stoll, Sculpture, June

Uta Barth, Afterimage, March/April

Book review of Terra Infirma: Geography’s Visual Culture,   Contemporary Visual Arts (London), March/April

Imagined Landscapes, New Art Examiner, February

Home, Art Papers, January/February


Please Let My Affections Lead Me Into Danger (Teil 1), Sculpture, December

Jens Kabisch, Julian Rosefeldt and Piero Steinle , Art Papers, November/December

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Sculpture, September

RobRoy Chalmers, Matthew Landkammer and Mariam Aziza Stephan, Art Papers, July/August

Carlos Mollura,  Sculpture, June

Sally Schuh, New Art Examiner, May

Lanny Bergner,  Sculpture, April

Mark Mumford, Art Papers, March/April

Hereabouts,   Afterimage, March/April